Omakase - Japanese Cooking Show

Welcome to a taste experience that will blow your expectations away - welcome to Omakase at Kai Sushi Seefeld. Omakase is a traditional Japanese style of fine dining where you leave the creative control to the sushi master and embark on a unique culinary journey: Our new exquisite Omakase 6-course menu.

At the heart of our kitchen is the philosophy of capturing the essence of the seasons and the beauty of nature in every bite. Our talented sushi master team invites you to experience the art of Japanese cuisine in its purest form. The Omakase menu is a tribute to the tradition of trust between guest and chef - let our expertise surprise and indulge you.


The Omakase experience at Kai Sushi includes the following steps:

  • If you are a guest and would like to experience our Omakase experience, it is best to book in advance as seating at the Omakase counter is limited to eight seatings. This allows us to select the best ingredients for the menu and ensure you enjoy a personal and intimate experience.
  • One of the most outstanding aspects of an Omakase experience is the opportunity to interact directly with the Sushi Master. The sushi master is an expert in the art of sushi preparation and understands the intricacies of ingredients and techniques.
  • The sushi master starts preparing the different courses of the menu right before your eyes. This allows you not only to appreciate the freshness of the ingredients, but also to observe the precision and care that goes into each preparation.
  • Once a course has been prepared, it is served directly to you and the other guests. The sushi master presents the dish and explains the special features of the ingredients used. 
  • During the omakase menu, you will be guided through a sequence of courses covering a wide range of flavours, textures and presentations. Each course is a work of art in itself and offers a unique taste experience.
  • Of course, the sushi master will take your preferences and restrictions into account. There is an opportunity to discuss preferences, allergies or dislikes to ensure the menu is tailored to individual needs. It is best to mention these at your  reservation


The Omakase experience is more than just a dining experience - it is a cultural experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Japanese culinary arts and creates a close interaction between you, the Sushi Master and the ingredients.


  • Welcome from the kitchen
  • Usuzukuri from AUS Kingfish
  • Tataki tuna with toffee sauce 
  • Fatty Salmon Nigiri, Hamachi Nigiri, Brioche Beef Tartare
  • Scallop with Sake Beurre Blanc 
  • Rib Eye Steak with fermented cucumber
  • Chef's dessert surprise


When: every Saturday
Time: from 6 pm
Place: Omakase Counter at Kai Sushi Seefeld
Reservations: 1 - 8 persons
Price per person: CHF 99.-

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