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Kai Lab - Experimental Japanese Cuisine

Unique experimental cuisine and meeting place for all culinary fans and connaisseurs 

Experimenting actively in workshops, tasting the latest creations from the development kitchen as a test eater, or indulging yourself with extraordinary dishes at a private cooking session - all this is possible at the Kai Lab, the new place developed by Kai Sushi, where culinary dreams become true! 

Everything is possible in the new premises of KAI LAB in Lessingstrasse. The active participation and the proximity to the production and development process provide surprise moments and enthusiasm for every connaisseur. 

In the open-plan interior design, the cooking station forms the centre of the “Wunderküche” (wonder kitchen). Guests can take a seat directly around the cooking station. What makes it so special is the direct contact between chef and guest. However, two large tables also offer space for social gatherings among friends and colleagues.

Kai Sushi's owner Amit Shama was inspired during his travels in Japan by the typical experimental kitchens where Edomae-Style and Omakase are cooked. With KAI LAB he wants to bring this unique experimental cuisine and meeting place for all culinary fans and connaisseurs to Zurich. 


Development Kitchen

The development kitchen offers space for new food concepts, experiments and innovative dishes.

Japanese concepts are reinterpreted, existing recipes are further developed, and unusual combinations are perfected. In the KAI LAB, guests become test eaters and help decide whether a new dish will make it into Kai Sushi's menu. In addition, new concepts such as Shabu-Shabu (Japanese fondue), Edomae-Style or Omakase are regularly presented on different evenings per week in an intimate setting for up to 24 people.
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Sushi courses & Workshops

Sushi courses and workshops take place regularly at KAI LAB. 

Let our Sushi Master introduce you to the secrets of the art of sushi and experience this traditional craft of Japanese cuisine up close. It is actively cooked under the guidance of the experienced Kai Sushi Masters or even by the chef Alex Nikolsky. After the cooking there will be a small photo course, the completed sushi art works want to be presented in an ideal way. For the current course dates click here.

Event location

The premises of KAI LAB can be rented exclusively for various events. Whether for family celebrations with private dining or team events with sushi courses, there are no limits to your imagination.

All events can be individually tailored to your various needs. 


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