Sushi with tradition, sustainable and local suppliers

About us

We believe that love makes everything better: the earth, the people and our food.

It's only when we love that we're creative. We combine traditional sushi with exciting new discoveries from the Pacific region and serve fish and meat – sometimes cold, sometimes lukewarm and sometimes hot – whichever way it tastes best.

When we love we are ambitious. That's why we take only the freshest ingredients to be pulled, sliced, cut, rolled, steamed, grilled or sauteed by our experienced sushi masters and our our chef, Alex Nikolsky.

When we love we are passionate. And that's something our guests feel every moment that they spend with us – when they come to Kai Sushi with the most important people in their lives.

"My focus is always on the people: whether it's guests, employees or suppliers. Only by taking care of interpersonal relationships and the emotions associated with them, can you enable the philosophy that we cultivate at Kai Sushi. We serve our handmade sushi and our latest creations with a smile according to our motto, "Love your people." And that's precisely why no effort is too great when it comes to offering our guests only the best. At Kai Sushi, freshness is a high value since quality is just as important to us as pleasing others."

Amit Shama-Levaillant
Proprietor of Urban Food Culture AG

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"When I cook, it's all about creation and composition. Only when I've understood people properly, carefully selected the ingredients and taken the relevant criteria into account, can I translate the vision in my head. Experimenting in the kitchen is not only my job, it's my passion. And I respect the tradition of Japanese cuisine and combine it with our unique touch. This enables us to serve unique dishes to our guests."


Alex Nikolsky
Chef Kai Sushi

Quality and sustainability


We place great importance on freshness and craftsmanship. That's why, at Kai Sushi, we only serve home-made sauces made from quality ingredients and sushi prepared by hand.


We are committed to protecting the oceans and only use fish from sustainable fisheries. In addition, Kai Sushi prefers regional products: chicken and beef come exclusively from Switzerland.


Kai Sushi respects the traditions of Japanese cuisine and its love for details. We prepare our sushi rice by hand in hangiri and grill traditionally on the robatayaki grill.


Partners and suppliers

Kai Sushi has been working with the same suppliers for many years. Once more, we value tradition and loyalty and enjoy trusted, family-oriented cooperation. Being able to source fresh and local products, such as wine from the area around our restaurant on Lessingstrasse, is also of great importance to us.

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